The Wheelhouse is the brainchild of a group of work-from-home professionals who craved the opportunity to work in a more productive environment in the company of other creative people.

Born in the Bradford Mill, a 110-year old mill complex in West Concord, MA that is undergoing a major renovation, the Wheelhouse is a place where you can drop by any time and expect to find friends and associates from a diverse range of backgrounds.  The offices and desks provide a place to be productive, the conference rooms are perfect for hosting meetings, pitching ideas, and group brainstorming, and the lounge is an ideal place to kick back and share a good cup of coffee.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community.


Do you really have a Cafe?

We designed in a comfortable, self-serve honor Cafe (check out the floor plan) offering coffee, tea, cold beverages, and snacks for purchase on an honor system basis. Every item in the Cafe costs $1, to be deposited in a cash jar located in the countertop in the kitchen. 

Can I invite guests to the Cafe?

Of course. Members are welcome to bring guests to the Cafe, provided they sign in with the Concierge. You are responsible for any Cafe charges for your guests. Guests may visit once per month, or as often as they like, if they decide to join! Day Passes are available for purchase, $50/day. 

And what’s this about a Concierge?

The Wheelhouse Concierge is charged with providing members an excellent experience and is available to provide light administrative support (reserving a conference room, helping to use WiFi and printers, greeting guests).

Do I have to deal with Verizon or Comcast?

No! We supply broadband Internet and WiFi, Polycom phones with your own phone number, voicemail that sends you an email when a message arrives, printers, fax, and a conference room wired for video and audio.

Can I reserve conference rooms in advance?

Yes. Conference rooms may be reserved up to 30 days in advance by Office, Desk, Conference and Cafe Plus members. Your booking request(s) should be directed to the Concierge who will evaluate the in-house demand level and inform you of the decision on the day of the request or shortly thereafter. Office members may book 25 hours of conference room space per month, Desk members - 15 hours per month, Conference members - 20 hours of conference room space per month. Cafe Plus members may book 5 hours per month of small conference room space (C-1 or C-3 only). Additional hours, if available, will be billed at members' hourly rates.  Cafe members are not entitled to using conference rooms. They may book the rooms and be billed at members' hourly rates.

Can a non-member reserve conference rooms?

Yes, when available.  Non-member hourly rates will apply.

What are those phone booths on the floor plan?

Cafe and Cafe Plus members as well as full members who work at open desks may want a place to hold a private phone call. We have 3 phone booths to make that possible.

Can two people share an office or a desk?

That’s fine with us.  There is a $150 per month charge (on top of the base Office or Desk membership) for the second person (Cafe Plus membership). 

Can I bring in my own furniture?

We prefer that you do not bring in your own furniture.  The Wheelhouse is already furnished and we prefer to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the work space.  We will consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis - talk to the Concierge. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by direct deposit to our account (preferable) or a check. Payments by PayPal are also possible.  The Concierge will set you up when your membership starts.

What does it take to become a member?

Fill out the application form by clicking the big yellow button at the top of this page. We will be in touch soon to give you a grand tour of the Wheelhouse, answer any questions you may have and see if we have a space available that meets your needs.